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"Discount" Dewey Donovan


Weight: 175lbs.
Height: 5'10"
Hometown: Beautiful Sewell TOWNSHIP (located behind the all new state of the art Mcdonalds)
Age: 28
Quote: Got Change? Do The Dew
Finishing Moves: Cubic Zirconia Cutter, The Discount 450, The 5 Finger Discount (THE CLAW)
Federations worked for: CZW, NWL/HoPWF, New Millenium Wrestling, ACW, PHW, Outlaws Of Wrestling, UWF, UWW, Hardway Wrestling.
Titles Held: UWF Discount Cruiserweight Championship

Ok, to all those who couldn't read into the sarcasm and decided to cut and paste this as my official bio on their sites... this was fake... a joke... not real... meant to be funny... the above? also, not real. I've never done a 450 splash... I'm not from Sewell.

If you'd like actual bio information, feel free to email me.