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In the debut show at the new CZW Arena on 1/18/03, The Dew sold out his long time tag team of Nick Gage and Nate Hatred to gain the one belt which he's never held in his stable, the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. During the world title match between Gage and The Messiah, Gage was inches from victory when Dewey pulled Messiah from the corner just before receiving a kick to the face. Gage crouching himself on the ropes was then attacked by The Backseat Boyz who nailed him with the T Gimmick. Messiah picked up the victory and Dew was quick to pick up the belts as the 4 celebrated on the way to the back. Now with both the World and Iron man belts, The Backseatz will challenge Dew's former team of the H8 Club for the World Tag Team titles on Feb 8th to become the most dominant force in CZW.

The H8 Club has already beaten The Dew for mistakes in the past. A boot scrap from Gage, a belt to the head from Hatred, 2 chair shots from each that busted his skull open... What will they do if they get their hands on him now?


After months of tension in The Dew's stable, The Briscoe Bros have turned their back on Dewey Donovan and challenged Nick Gage & Nate Hatred for the CZW World Tag Titles. While there were problems from the beginning, the tension began to grow after The Dew led Gage & Hatred to the tag team championship, leaving The Briscoes out of the title picture. Week after week, more and more arguments arose between Dewey and The Briscoes, culminating with them attempting to fire Dewey in Smyrna on May 12. They were signed in a 6-man tag against the S.A.T. They were jumped by the S.A.T. earlier in the night in which The Briscoe's parents came to their aid. The Dew berated both Briscoes and had unkind words for Mom and Dad. Being there were 3 S.A.T, Dew gave The Briscoes the opportunity to choose a partner of their choice. The Dew was outraged after they chose Ric Blade.

After the match, The Briscoes attempted to fire and walk out on Dewey, leaving with Blade. However, in a disgusting attempt to keep them under contract. The Dew had Nick Gage & Nate Hatred stalk the Briscoe's parents and threaten bodily harm, if the Briscoes did not return. Mark and Jay, having no choice, returned and kept Dewey has their manager.

Problems continued during the Junior tournament when Dewey attempted to stop the Briscoe vs. Briscoe match and they banned him from ringside. But it all came to an end during the anticipated rematch of the Briscoes this past weekend. Zandig came out before the match could get going and awarded them Winger's trophy for having a great prior match and asked they not wrestle again that night. The Dew grabbed the trophy and berated both of them for being losers. When Jay Briscoe attempted to talk back, Dew slapped him and once again reminded them of their parents well being should they not listen. At that time, Mama Briscoe climbed in the ring and slapped Dewey across the face. The Dew grabbed Mama Briscoe by the hair and attempted to hit her, at which time, The Briscoe Bros. pummeled Dewey to the ground and hitting a moonsault on him. Gage & Hatred then rushed the ring area and left The Briscoes unconcious and destroyed their trophy.


In just 2 weeks, the CZW tag team champions, Justice Pain & Wifebeater will face off against The Dew's new tag team of Nick Gage & Nate Hatred. Will this be for the titles? Dewey is working hard on getting those titles, since they haven't been defended since they won them last October. What does this leave for Dewey's other team of The Briscoe Brothers. They were certainly promised a chance at the tag titles when signing with The Dew a few months ago. They haven't seen eye to eye with his tactics as a manager, now that they've seemed to conform to his rule breaking style, what will they do now that they've been brushed aside for this new monster tag team of Gage & Hatred.


CZW Senior referee, Rob Hartog publicly fired Dewey Donovan as an official in Sewell, NJ last night. This came after a long string of biased decisions. It was 2 months ago that Dewey officiated the "Loser Leaves CZW" match between the Kashmerino Bros and The Softcore Connection. Dewey struck Robby Mireno with a chair and made a fast 3 count and joined The Softcore Connection. Then last month, Dewey, reffing his fellow Softcore members matches, refused to make the count, when newcomer Nick Mondo had Trent Acid pinned. Then, after both were unconcious, Dewey place Trent on top of Mondo and made the 3 count. Last night in Sewell, the streak continued. The Softcore Connection first presented a document to remove Rob Hartog as referee during the Nick Berk/Nick Gage tables match. Although attempting not to see it, Rob Hartog called for the bell when Berk was driven through the table. Then the last straw, as the Back Seat Boyz challenged The Haas Bros. for the CZW Tag Team Championship. Charlie Haas was unable to appear, therefore, the match was made a one-on-one match between Russ and Johny Kashmere with the titles on the line. Dewey, officiating the match, turned his back as Trent and Johny double teamed Russ during the match. Then refusing to count Johnny down when Russ had him pinned. Russ grabed Donovan and threatened him to make the count. Kashmere came from behind and sent Russ to the corner, in which the 3 of them delivered a superkick to Russ at the same time. The Backseat Boyz then delivered the One Hit Wonder and Dewey made a quick 3 count for the victory. After the celebration, Rob Hartog entered the ring and told Dewey he was fired from CZW. Dewey slapped Hartog across the face. Hartog fought back, whipped him into the corner to set up for his spear. Has he came out, Dewey turned and Hartog stopped, then gave him the finger and delivered a vicious powerbomb to Dewey. What will become of Dewey now that he is no longer employed by CZW?


Dewey joins The Softcore Connection. In a "Loser Leaves CZW" Match, The Kashmerino Bros fought The Softcore Connection members, Nick Berk & Ty Street. The match went back and forth until Robby Mireno mistakenly hit Dewey with the "Boot of Italy". Kashmere attempted to revive him but was pulled out of the ring. Trent Acid, entered the ring with a chair and was ready to strike Robby Mireno, when Dewey yanked the chair out of his hands. After arguing with Trent in an apparent attempt to help Robby, he wrapped the chair around the skull of Mireno himself. Ty Street moved in for the pin and Dewey gave a quick 3 count. After the match, The Softcore Connection presented Dewey with one of their trademark chairs, this one have crooked referee stripes to match his outfit. Berk then announced Dewey as the newest member of the Softcore Connection.