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You know, it seems lately that word "rat" has become an ugly word in wrestling. It seems the fans and wrestlers both look down on these young girls in disgust.
Rats ofcourse, for those you don't know, are the young women who lust at ringside just to touch a wrestler. I often hear fellow wrestlers speak about rats with total distain.
While its true that many may be overweight, underaged, or just plain ugly... I feel the remaining rats get a bad rap. The wrestling world may not want you, but Dewey will not deny the rats, Dewey will not crush the dreams of these young women. As a matter of fact, Dewey encourages the rats to come to him and GUARANTEES your efforts will be rewarded.
Ofcourse, this only applys to the attractive rats (be honest with yourselves... you ugly fat girls know who you are) If you are truly unsure of how you look, you might want to try testing yourself out on maybe, someone like Edomac first... to see his reaction to you.

Even during my days as "The Discount Referee",the female fans have put me over as the most desirable referee in the business...

As the Dynasty of Dewey grows larger and I get thrust further into the public eye... more and more celebrities have become rats for Dewey Donovan. Dewey's first rat below, being Jennifer Love Hewitt from "I Know What You Did Last Summer" fame.

This is a NON-edited photograph scanned from a magazine. Here we see Jennifer Love Hewitt tell the world who she dreams of at night. I think this photo is more than just a coincidence. You can see it in the expression on her face, her eyes are just crying out the name "Dewey".

Ladies, a new photo gallery is now in construction. Do you want to be one of Dewey's Rats? Send your slutty and scantily clad pictures in and have them shown here for the world to see. Send your pics to Personally, The Dew makes very little money wrestling and needs something to make this all worthwhile... So send in those pics! Note: The Dew reserves the right to delete unworthy pictures.

Below is an example of what NOT to send, you fans are sick bastards and I'm thoroughly disgusted with this crap. I do NOT fuck pigs!!!