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These links may disappear soon, since free servers like to delete stuff. If any one would like to host them for me, feel free to email me about it.

these can also be downloaded on IRC in the CZW chatroom.

Server: Channel: #czw


2.9MB (17s)
Rob Hartog fires and powerbombs the Discount Ref

Dew hits a fisherman buster on Ric Blade then is powerbombed by Rob Hartog

3.1MB (22s)
Justice Pain knocks Dew out with a steel chair

2.4MB (13s)
Dewey delivers a chair shot to Robby Mireno

2.3MB (15s)
Dewey double powerbombed by Ric Blade & Nick Mondo

3.8MB (25s)
Rob Hartog takes Dew out with a steel chair